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Company profile

Address 642 East 14th Street,#5
New York, NY 10009
Established 2016
President Seiji Suwa
Parent Company SUWASHOTEN CO., LTD.
Address 7-16-12, Chuo,Kokubunjidai, Ichihara-city, Chiba, Japan
Established 1969
President Toshikazu Suwa
Business Processing, Retail sales, Wholesale of foods

YAMASU produces, distributes and sells "Delicious Chiba" products

Promotion of delicious products from throughout Chiba prefecture

The farmers, fishermen, manufacturers and other producers make their products with great pride and care. We strive to carry on their message, direct to the customers.

To make the ordinary extraordinary

Through marketing and promotions, our aim is to create new fans of Chiba prefecture. Our products create new and exciting dishes and delicacies to add a new twist to Japanese cuisine. Our goal is to become the leader in this industry, proudly promoting Chiba prefecture and Chiba products

Activities in Japan


From Farm to Shop

One-stop supply chain from producing and processing to selling.

Produce Network of direct and contract farmers and fishermen
Processing Over 200 processing and manufacturing partners with absolute quality control
Shops 9 directly owned and operated stores and a robust e-commerce site
Restaurant & Cafe  
Pop-Up Shops Extensive sales know-how and experience through various pop-up shops

Produce & Processing

Over 3,000 products, with 500 new items added yearly

Strict Quality Control
Dedicated R&D department overseeing new product development with a thorough comprehensive analysis and quality control
Through partnerships with various restaurants and hotel groups, we develop new food items and new menu dishes
Sales Data Analysis
By analyzing sales data of over 3,000 products, we can spot new food trends through factors like season and popularity. We develop and find new items utilizing this data
Network of Farmers & Fishermen
Taking advantage of our extensive network of farmers and fishermen, we find cost effective and exciting new product development
Over 200 Manufacturing Partners
80% of our products are OEM, and our original brand. We foster strong relationships with each of the manufacturers to develop new items of the highest quality
44 Year Legacy
400 items which have been selling continuously for over 10 years. This success is due to research and analysis of sales trends through our experience


Fusanoeki [HP: fusanoeki.fusa.co.jp]

Araoi Fusanoeki

Kusakari Fusanoeki

Kuriyama Fusanoeki

Yokodo Fusanoeki

Kamagaya Fusanoeki

Kasori Fusanoeki

Akihabara Fusanoeki

Funabashi Fusanoeki

Narita Fusanoeki

Kashiwa Fusanoeki


Shapo Ichikawa Fusanoeki

Perie Chiba Fusanoeki

Bay Brand Fusanoeki

Restaurant & Cafe




Bakery Cafe Fusanoeki



Directly Operated Farms

Our farms produce some of the best peanuts, strawberries, grapes, potatoes, eggplants and other fruits and vegetables of the season with great care and quality.

Pop-Up Shop Experience

New Food Truck Style Grocery Vendor

Over 4.5 million visitors during a 6 week, annual summer event at a popular TV Studio headquarters.

2 Month Pop-Up shop at a busy train station in Chiba

With a short 2 month event, we had huge success with great acclaim from over 100,000 daily commuters, and local families.

Japan's largest (and highest gross sales) shopping center, La La Port Tokyo Bay

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"Exciting new products through traditional Japanese products"

Snacks & Sweets

About Chiba

Chiba is not a major metropolis like Tokyo.
Chiba does not have ample farmland like Hokkaido.
Chiba does not have famous attractions like Fuji Mountain.
Chiba does not have a long tradition like Kyoto.
Chiba does not have beautiful clear beaches like Okinawa.

However, Chiba has proudly supported the kitchens throughout Japan.
It is rare to find an area with such produce diversity.


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